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Welcome to Brodan Engineering LLC.  This website is currently under construction.

For Immediate Technical support open up an online ticket via http://support.tazsys.com or call 407-385-7142.

Brodan Engineering offers Terminal Automation Software (TMS 6) and Hardware consultation for automating the bulk terminals in the petroleum industry. It offers consultation on load rack control, terminal control, corporate control, industry control, and terminal management systems. The company also offers technical support on MultiLoad, a modular system, which performs all preset, additive, and card reading functions for an entire lane; TopHAT that provides access to both historical and current detailed corporate information; and veriFID, a fingerprint verification device. In addition,
Brodan Engineering provides support for RCU (remote control unit) for data entry and driver/operator interaction at various locations within a terminal facility. It also offers various consulting services, such as integration to corporate mainframe systems and integration to commercial accounting/inventory software; and training programs. The company serves oil, gas, and refined fuels markets.

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